Quality Control and microbiological testing

In-house metods, USP methods, methods, PhEur, JP/JPE methods methods methods requested by our business partners and valued on BP and quality control laboratories with analytical equipment with the latest technology, all the starting materials, finished products and stability samples for physical, chemical and microbiological analysis with the controls of the respective units by the rules of production areas is carried out in accordance with cGLP.
Potency assessment
Dissolution studies
Impurity and related compounds
Residual solvents
Physical and chemical tests
Cleaning method
DMF applications-updates
Other customer-oriented tests
Drug stability tests
In vitro-in vivo correlation (f2 and f1 evaluations)

Our quality control team supports you in the following pharmaceutical development applications;

Non-traditional method applications
Pharmaceutical active substance (APIs) and auxiliaries, intermediates decontamination
In-process tests
Process validation design and validation tests
Finished product release and stability
Packaging-cap-cap tests