“Recruitment” is the most important application of Human Resources, aware that the value underlying the fact that institutions can make a difference is human resources. Putting the right people in the right job is our biggest goal. In this context, Personality Inventory, general ability and English proficiency tests are applied to the person according to the requirements of the position. For the candidate who is successful in competency-based interviews conducted by the Human Resources Department and the managers of the relevant department, the process ends with the completion of the job offer and job entry procedures.

Training is an investment for the company, as the most important resource behind the company's success and achievement of its goals is its employees. In order to be constantly updated throughout your working life, we have a planned training program.

Our company, which works focused on goals and results, aims to share its final goal with its employees and to make all its employees run towards a common goal.

Career development is a continuous process in which we can develop our employees to achieve our long-term strategies and goals.