Analitik Metod Geliştirme

In our cGMP compliant R & D laboratory, our experts develop and document the analytical methods in the following applications with HPLC, TLC, GC, DSC, FTIR and all the equipment needed

  • Potency evaluation
  • Dissolution (dissolution rate) studies
  • Impurity and related compounds
  • Moisture
  • Metal
  • Residue solvents
  • Physical and chemical tests
  • Cleaning management
  • DMF apps-updates Other customer-oriented tests
  • Drug stability tests In vitro-in vivo correlation (f2 and f1 assessments)
  • Our quality control team supports you in the following pharmaceutical development applications;
  • Non-traditional method applications
  • Pharmaceutical active substance (APIs) and auxiliaries, intermediates decontamination
  • In-process tests
  • Process validation design and validation tests
  • Finished product release and stability
  • Packaging-cap-cap tests